Business Purchase Loans - Finance for Established Businesses

Acquiring an existing business can be a strategic move for entrepreneurs looking to enter a market, expand their operations, or take advantage of a well-established brand. In Australia, business purchase loans play a crucial role in facilitating these transactions. In this guide, we'll explore various options, examples, and key considerations for business purchase loans, covering Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR), interest rates, fees, and terms.

Types of Business Purchase Loans

Traditional Term Loans:

Traditional term loans provide a lump sum amount for purchasing a business, with fixed or variable interest rates and a predetermined repayment schedule.

Example: Loan Amount: $500,000; Interest Rate: 6.5% fixed; Term: 7 years; LVR: 70%; Fees: Origination Fee (1.5%), Application Fee ($1,000), Exit Fee (2% if repaid early).

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SBA 7(a) Loans:

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are government-backed, offering favorable terms for eligible businesses. These can be used for business acquisitions.

Example: Loan Amount: Up to $5 million; Interest Rate: Competitive rates; Term: Up to 25 years; LVR: Varies; Fees: SBA guarantee fee, closing costs.

Franchise Financing:

Tailored for purchasing a franchise, these loans may consider the reputation of the franchise, the borrower's experience, and the overall financial health.

Example: Loan Amount: $250,000; Interest Rate: 7.5% variable; Term: 10 years; LVR: 75%; Fees: Franchise fee, loan origination fee (2%).

Key Considerations

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR):

LVR represents the percentage of the purchase price covered by the loan. It often ranges from 60% to 80%, depending on factors like the business type, industry, and borrower's financial profile.

Interest Rates:

Interest rates can be fixed or variable. Fixed rates provide stability, while variable rates may offer flexibility. Rates are influenced by factors like the borrower's creditworthiness, loan term, and market conditions.


Various fees may apply, including loan origination fees, application fees, and exit fees. Franchise financing may include additional franchise fees. Understanding all fees is crucial for accurate cost assessment.

Loan Terms:

Loan terms can vary from 5 to 25 years, depending on the lender and the type of loan. Longer terms may result in lower monthly payments but potentially higher overall interest costs.


Business purchase loans in Australia offer a pathway for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of acquiring established businesses. Careful consideration of LVR, interest rates, fees, and terms is essential. Entrepreneurs should conduct thorough due diligence, seek professional advice, and engage with lenders experienced in business acquisition financing to ensure a successful and sustainable business acquisition.

Remember to consult with financial professionals and explore various lenders to find the most suitable business purchase loan for your specific needs and circumstances.

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